Your home’s and Industry’s  plumbing system has variety of valves found at various points along the water pipes that allow you to turn off the water during emergencies, or when you need to makes repairs or upgrades. Shutting off the water is often the first step of many plumbing projects. Locating and turning off the appropriate water shut off valve is therefore, very important.

In this article we will go to show Different Type of water Valves.

Ball Valve:-

A ball valve is generally a rather massive metal valve sometimes that includes a lever handle. it’s designed for fast turn-off, since the valve opens and closes full with a brief 1/4 turn of the lever handle. usually the sort of valve often seen at the most water shut-off for the house & industry.

Gate Valve:-

A gate valve describes the mechanism by that the valve is opened and closed. to show a gate valve on or off, a circular handle is turned to rise or lowers a metal gate within the valve body. once the valve is off the gate blocks the flow of water.

Globe Valve:-

From the surface, a globe valve resembles a valve, with a rather bulbous metal body. However, in contrast to a valve, a globe valve is intended to permit variable adjustment of water flow. within the valve, there’s a baffle with a water flow port running through it The handle operates a plunger with some form of washer or seal on the bottom; because the handle closes the valve, the plunger moves down against the water-flow port and part closes it off.

Stop & Waste Valve:-

A stop and waste valve may be a key irrigation fitting to assist keep mechanical device lines free from freezing within the winter. The stop and waste valve is turned on and off with a meter key and once it’s within the off position it’ll mechanically drain any water within the line.

Check Valves:-

The water moving through your plumbing ought to only travel one way: from the supply lines and out through a fixture, or from a drain to the sewer line. To assure a unidirectional flow within the event of a “cross-connection”, a check valve is important.

Butterfly valves:-

Butterfly valves are not particularly beautiful (it’s pretty disappointing, we know). In fact, they look a lot like any other valve. The butterfly moniker refers instead to the mechanism inside, essentially a disc that rotates by handle turns; this of course means that flow is reduced through the valve.


Diaphragm Valve:-

A diaphragm valve is comparable to a gate valve in this there’s a wheel or knob that moves a component within the valve fitting, that limits the flow of water. in an exceedingly diaphragm valve, the component may be a diaphragm that settles down over a saddle, therefore stopping water flow.

Pressure Balanced Valve:-

Pressure balanced valves area unit wont to maintain a constant temperature of water in domestic showers or bathtubs. A diaphragm within the valve permits the operator to line mixture of hot and cold water; but within the event of a pressure drop of cold water (for instance, if a bathroom near is flushed), the diaphragm can shift to limit AN excessive flow of quandary. several jurisdictions need pressure balanced valves in domestic bogs and showers to forestall accidental vituperative.

Solenoid Valve:-

Solenoid valves ar electrically controlled water valves which will provide precise on or off control via an automation system. solenoid valves ar utilized in buildings wherever an automation system controls the plumbing or HVAC system. Another common use is in irrigation systems wherever a computer controls the watering times or the number of water to be applied.

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Types of Water Valves – Plumbing Valve Types

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