SCADA means that supervisory control and data acquisition. it’s a kind of software application program for method control. SCADA may be a central control system that consists of controller’s network interfaces, input or output, communication equipment’s and software. SCADA systems are used to monitor and control the equipment’s within the process that include manufacturing, production, development and fabrication.

Normally Scada system could be a centralized system that monitors and controls entire area. it’s purely software package that’s positioned on top of hardware. A supervisory system gathers data on the method and sends the commands control to the method.


The Scada could be a remote terminal unit that is additionally referred to as RTU. Most control actions are automatically performed by RTUs or PLCs. The RTUs include programmable logic device which may be set to specific demand. as an example, within the thermal powerhouse the water flow is set to specific value or it is modified according to the need.


The SCADA system performs the following functions.


• Data Acquisitions:-

Real time system consists of thousand of components and sensors. It is very important to know the status of particular components and sensors. For example, some sensors measure the water flow from the reservoir to water tank and some sensors measure the value pressure as the water is release from the reservoir.

• Data Communication:-

The SCADA system uses wired network to communicate between user and devices. the real time applications use lotof sensors and elements that ought to be control remotely. The SCADA system uses internet communications. Alldata is transmitted through internet using specific protocols. sensing element and relays don’t seem to be able tocommunicate with the network protocols thus RTUs wont to communicate sensors and network interface.

• Information Or Data presentation:-

The normal circuit networks have some indicators which can be visible to control but in the real time SCADA system, there are thousand of sensors and alarm which are impossible to be handled simultaneously. The SCADA system uses human machine interface (HMI) to provide all of the information gathered from the various sensors.

• Monitoring or Control:-

The SCADA system uses completely different switches to operate every device and displays the status at the control area. Any a part of the method will be turned ON or off from the control station using these switches. SCADA system is implemented to work automatically while not human intervention however at essential things it’s handled by man power.

Applications of SCADA system.

• Power generation, transmission and distribution.                                 
• Traffic light control system.
Public buildings like electrical heating and cooling system.
• Generators and turbines.
• Water distribution and reservoir system.


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What is SCADA System? How to Work SCADA System?

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