The Neutral wire and Earth wire are normally connected together at your service panel board. Neutral wire is the normal or return path of the circuit. Earth wire is a safety protective wire for the human body and electrical equipment’s from fault condition.

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Neautral Wire vs. Earth Wire

⇒ Neutral wire is directly connected to the neutral point of the supply system.

⇒ Earth wire may be directly connected to the neutral point to the supply system.

⇒ Neutral wire serves as a return conductor.

⇒ Earth wire may carry current only in case of a fault.

⇒ Neutral wire is potential at some point may be substantially far from zero.

⇒ Earth wire is supposed to be at zero potential.

⇒ Neutral wire is therefore insulated from the pole on which it is supported. In this case, the insulator is smaller size than the one supporting the phase conductors.

⇒ Earth wire is not mounted on any insulator and is it direct metallic contact with the support metals work.

⇒ Neutral wire may not be connected to earth at an intermediate point in the line.

⇒ Earth wire must be connected to earth at least 3 places in a kilometer or at 4 places an a mile.

Neautral Wire vs Earth Wire – Difference Between Neutral Wire and Earth Wire

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