The real difference is the fact that “motors” run on electricity, while “engines” run on combustion. However, many people interchange the usage of these words: So an engine is a specific type of motor. That’s why it is  correct to speak of a motorboat, or a motorcar, even if the boat or car is clearly powered by combustion.


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Motor vs Engine



⇨ A motor is a machine that converts other forms of energy into mechanical energy and so imparts motion.

⇨ An engine is a motor that converts thermal energy to mechanical work.


⇨ A motor is thing which moves other things.

⇨ An Engine is a system or device that affects a result.


⇨ A motor converts electrical energy into mechanical energy.

⇨ An engine converts chemical energy into mechanical energy.


⇨ Motor is an arrangement of coil and rotor.

⇨ Engine is generally a piston cylinder device.


⇨ Efficiency of the motor is high.

⇨ Efficiency of the engine is low.


⇨ Motor doesn’t need lubrication for rotating.

⇨ Engine needs lubrication for continuous running.



Motor vs Engine – Difference Between Engine and Motor

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