There are two types of Losses in an Electrical Machine.  Core Loss and Copper Loss. Core Loss are classified into two types:

  1. Eddy Current Loss.
  2. Hysteresis Loss.


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Difference Between  Eddy Current Loss and Hysteresis Loss


Eddy current losses in a metal body, due to the eddy currents flowing through it, induced by an alternating magnetic field.

Hysteresis loss in form of heat when magnetisation of the material is made to exchange with respect to time.


This is the formula of eddy current loss.

This is the formula of hysteresis loss.

Eddy current losses occur because of the relative motion between the core and the magnetic flux.

Hysteresis losses which occur because of the reversal of the magnetism is known as the hysteresis loss.


The eddy current loss is minimized by using the thin core of lamination.

Hysteresis loss is minimized by the silicon steel.


Eddy Current Loss vs Hysteresis Loss – Hysteresis Loss and Eddy Current Loss

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