In the electronics industrial environment, as in the consumer electronics space, embedded designers need to deliver more for less: more performance, more functionality, and more flexibility for less cost, lower power consumption, and smaller footprints. At a time, Electronic semiconductor industry growing faster day by day, and make different types of upgraded products sacs as Microprocessor, microcontroller etc.

In this article we will go to learn difference between CPU, MPU, MCU, SOC, and MCM.


CPU (Central Processing Unit) :-



CPU means that central processing unit or generally simply known as processors, it’s the element during a computing machine attribute of programmability, and are one amongst the required elements found in computers of any space, at the side of primary storage and input or output facilities. A central processing unit that’s factory-made as one microcircuit is usually called a chip.


MPU (Micro Processing Unit):-

MPU means Micro Processing Unit. It is a central processing unit that fits on a single chip. That’s been true for decades, so long, in fact, that central processing unit and Micro Computer Unit  are fundamentally interchangeable. Sometimes with a single system, the design engineer will call the primary processor “central processing unit” and various secondary processors “Micro Computer Unit ”.

MCU (Micro Computer Unit ):-

MCU means Micro Computer Unit or sometimes simply called microcontroller. It is a computer on a chip used to control electronic devices. It is a one kind of microprocessor emphasizing self sufficiency and cost effectiveness, in difference to a general purpose microprocessor. A usual microcontroller contains all the memory and interfaces needed for a simple application, whereas a general purpose microprocessor requires additional chips to provide these functions.




MCM (Multi Chip Module):-


MCM means Multi Chip Module. It is a device that sometimes looks like a single chip, but may have multiple separate chips inside. Intel’s first Pentium Pro was a Multi Chip Module, one chip for the central processing unit, one chip for the L2 cache memory.



SOC (System on Chip):-


SOC means System on Chip. It is fundamentally an Micro Computer Unit  with an application processor, networking processor, or other large computer on it. Your Smartphone’s main processors  are contained in an System on Chip, that may also have signal processors, network processors, communications, security, GPS, etc.





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Difference between CPU, MPU, MCU, SOC, and MCM?

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