The main distinction between AC motors and DC motors will be found within the name itself for, DC motors run on DC as against Alternating current  on that AC motors run.


While each A.C. and D.C. motors serve an equivalent perform of changing electrical energy into mechanical energy, they’re powered, created and controlled differently. the most basic distinction is that the power supply. A.C. motors are powered from electrical energy (A.C.) while D.C. motors are powered from DC (D.C.), like batteries, D.C. power provides or an AC-to-DC power convertor. D.C wound field motors are created with brushes and a commutator, that boost the maintenance, limit the speed and typically scale back the lifespan of brushed D.C. motors. A.C. induction motors don’t use brushes; they’re terribly rugged and have long life expectations. the ultimate basic distinction is speed control. The speed of a D.C. motor is controlled by varied the armature winding’s current whereas the speed of an A.C. motor is controlled by varied the frequency, that is often finished an adjustable frequency drive control



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DC Motor vs. AC Motor │ Difference between DC Motor and AC Motor